dance with blue
All the tones of the blue were virtually dancing in the view of Sarıkum beach in the taste of the ocean coast. While the wave sounds were tapping out the rhythm with the figures, it seemed as if they were drawing picture on the coast in each rhythm. He could feel the warmth of the sun setting behind the inlet in Hamsilos Fjord up to his marrows. He thought of the sunrise, and he felt that he reached the light while dreaming that the twilight was coming over the sea. The dolphins were joking with each other on ahead while waves were challenging the rocks in at the farthest in İnceburun. In Akliman, fishermen were waiting for their livelihood. Every moment of the Sinop shore was already within the life. Sinop Harbor, which connects the city with the sea and allows Sinop to be called as a port city with its natural formation, was also getting its share from the beauty of the dance the blue had made. Maybe this dancing was accompanied by tourists from the cruise ships, who knows?



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