travelling in time
Sinop, that has been home to civilizations, is surrounded by the walls were beaten by the naval guns along the coast. The city, which was built inside the city walls, symbolizing beauty with its harbor by the sea, has always been a desired place to be conquered. While she was fascinated by the sight of the city during her sightseeing, she felt that she was traveling in time. She was aware of the importance of these buildings that bear witness to history while watching the Black Sea, examining the defense cannons in Pasha Bastions and watching the view at the summit of Boyabat Castle. She wondered about the city that would come to light at the end of the excavation in Balatlar Church. She washed her face in the fountain of the Alaattin Complex in company with the sounds of the call to prayer. She had strange feelings while visiting the Historical Prison that included regrets and hopes in its dungeons, courtyard and wards. The world is rotation as the time passes, and Sinop, shaped by history, was waiting for its visitors.



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alaaddin complex


balatlar church


kale yazısı mosque


pervane madrasah


seyit bilal tomb

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