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He liked to sit in the tea gardens on the beach and watching the sea. He ordered tea while taking the grape and nokuls with walnut he bought from bakery out of his bag. While watching the fisherman catching fish with fishing line, he remembered that the coastal city Sinop was assertive not only on fish but also on other tastes. Patty which is served with yoghurt and walnut and on which hot butter is poured was only one of those flavors. Sırık kebab which is difficult to eat with fork for him and is dissolved in the mouth was one of the reasons for coming to Sinop. What he felt after eating uyuşturma dessert after patty was a good feeling such as the fact that his team scores one more goal in the last minutes in the match in which they beat. When he went to his friend's office towards evening, the fireplace heater had heated up the cindered woods. The chestnuts they cooked on top of the stove would be snack while watching movie. Maybe the other friends who would attend the evening would bring Boyabat Dip Sauce as a surprise.



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boyabat ezmesi (dip sauce)






sinop's patty


sırık kebab


uyusturma dessert

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