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While assimilating Sinop, he was witnessing that it has protected its culture with its traditional arts, tastes and historical structures and that the values that it possessed have been adapted to our day by interacting with the developing world. The fact that the knives made by those who shape the steel from buffalo and deer horns were still used in kitchens, butchers and in everyday life was an indication of this. The fact that Ayancık Linen, which was formerly used in underwear and headwears, now hit the shelves in the home textiles as well as the regional clothes, has shown itself as a beautiful harmony of traditional and modern. Boyabat Circle that local women have used for years has been sold as souvenirs and decorated the houses. While wandering on the streets, he watched how skilled and sensitive hands prepared the ship models they processed to the finest details. With the ship model that he took as a souvenir, he could put out to oceans over the Black Sea and could travel all over the world in the world of imagination. The souvenirs that he bought in Sinop had already filled his bag.



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boyabat ezmesi (dip sauce)






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