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She heard that Sinop's nature opens the depths of its hearts to those who want to feel at peace and to purify themselves from stress. She needed to get rid of the fatigue and stress of life that she lived for a long time and feel good. For this purpose, she preferred a city which is ready to open the depths of its heart to the visitors, like Sinop. There was everything she could do to make herself feel good there. She could catch fish with fishing line against the city or she could walk in the forest with the view of the inlet while the sun was stroking her face in Hamsilos Fjord. Today, she wanted wander on shores. She felt herself as free as possible in İnceburun where Black Sea waves hit the rocks. She enjoyed the Black Sea on the shore of Akliman. She found peace with the sound of the birds surrounding the lake while sunbathing in Sarıkum. The next day she wanted to go into the depths of the forest and find herself in the green. She listened to the nature by letting himself under the water that shaped the rock for thousands of years in Tatlıca Waterfalls. In Akgöl, she watched the stars at night by admiring the beauties that she saw. Sinop was one of the most beautiful cities where she could find peace. While she was talking on the phone with her friend, she said: “If you want to feel good, come to Sinop.”



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