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While she was spending the night in the tent she set in Akgöl, when she reached İnaltı Cave by passing through the forest with the small hours, she never guessed that the nature of Sinop hides such beauties. She wanted to explore the forest although she could normally go to the cave by car. She was shivered while examining the stalactites formed at the end of millions of years. The stalactites and stalagmites adorned the cave as if they were especially shaped. She wanted to drop by Erfelek Tatlıca Waterfalls resembling a living picture in the nature. She easily passed through the wooden road while wandering with the peace and happiness of the waterfalls. When she reached the summit by climbing through a waterfall, she considered herself lucky as she experienced this excitement. When she crossed 28 waterfalls one by one, she gathered her breath and realized that she could not feel the pleasure given by the harmony with nature in anywhere.



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