spırıtual journey
When she entered the magnificent through the main door of the Alaaddin Complex, she met the colorful flowers under the trees, the fountain that welcomed the people performing, a large courtyard, a tomb and a mosque with entrance from 5 doors. While visiting Balatlar Church, she observed that Sinop also hosted different civilizations and beliefs with its history dating back thousands of years. When she went up the church, she visited the tomb of Seyyid Bilal. She thought of naval martyrs in the garden of the tomb by passing through the stone-processed gravesides. The sounds of the call to prayer spreading around from the humble minaret of Kale Yazısı Mosque were surrounding the Black Sea. After visiting Sinop's complexes, tombs and mosques, she thought that Sinop is a city that could be visited by those who go on spiritual journeys apart from the interest in its nature and sea.



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alaaddin complex


balatlar church


kale yazısı mosque


pervane madrasah


seyit bilal tomb

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