Ahmet Muhip Dıranas Home
Ahmet Muhip Dıranas Home
"Regrets attack in waves Your omission forces that bronze door And the soul is riddled with arrows thrown; Here, you are in the old house where you were born, The lamp and stairs are waiting for you, The cradle is squeaking with thirsty lullabies And sentences are lost, defeated, slanderous..." These verses were becoming more meaningful while he was visiting the house of the great master in his self-named village. Every corner of the house built exclusively in the forest bears the traces of him. According to what he had learned, the master who also loved the nature very much had influences on all areas of literature with his books, games, translations, and reviews and had his name written in letters of gold in Turkish literature. He died in Ankara in 1980 and was buried in his place of birth upon his will. Fahriye Abla, Olvido, Kar, Elif, Rüzgâr, Yağma poems are only a few of the unique works of Ahmet Muhip Diranas.


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