tatlıca waterfalls
tatlıca waterfalls
She was going to discover the Tatlıca Waterfalls, called as “Erfelek Waterfalls” by Sinop residents, on that day. She went to Erfelek district, which is 35 kilometers away from the center. From there she went 10 kilometers more and reached the waterfall sets. She saw that there were different options while visiting the waterfalls. She could climb either by watching the scenery from the side with the stairs made of wood or by feeling the area consisting of 28 waterfall sets to discover her adventurous aspect. When she learned that people generally prefer passing through it while climbing and using the ladder way in returning, she thought that they absolutely experienced it and she agreed with them. The best way to relieve this tiredness was to drink tea in the picnic area while watching the waterfall at the end of the journey.


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