inaltı cave
inaltı cave
İnaltı Cave was within the borders of İnaltı village in the continuation of Akgöl where they occasionally went and set up a tent. It enough for her to go 40 km distance from Ayancık district for transportation. She parked the car on the edge of the cave, which is 1,070 m above sea level, and reached a wide charging gallery by climbing 50 m from the stairway. When she entered in, she witnessed that the stalactites formed in millions of years covered the walls and ceiling of the cave like a table. With the help of the lights set on the bottom of the rocks, she fictionalized the stalactite, stalagmite, cover and stalactites in her imaginary world and likened them to many things. The wonder of nature that welcomes its visitors with its entrance with a height of 15 m and a width of 12 m drags you to a mysterious journey with its narrowing structure. The 300 m section of the 658 m-long cave has been illuminated and opened to tourism.


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