sinop city center
sinop city center
She became a fish. She swam parallel to Sinop Castle on the shore of the city. She gave a rose to lovers who were enjoying the sea view in the natural Sinop Port as a gift. She examined the cannons of Pasha Bastions to the Black Sea with admiration while witnessing the history. While touching the walls of the historical prison that smelled regret and hope, she was attracted by the shivers of the wards behind the bars. The sailboats stroke by the winds greeted her as they swam on the beach. The new city to be discovered excited her while accompanying the excavations in Balatlar Church. She internalized the fine line of the moment during which the setting daylight visited the grave stones in the Seyit Bilal Tomb between life and death. She was fascinated by the structure that revived the aspect of the city while passing through the yard of Alaaddin Complex. She was besotted with the viability of the nights of Sinop while enjoying the mortar coffee she drank in Pervane Madrasah. She experienced the flavor of Sinop's patty with the smell of the roasted chestnut. She observed that the tourists who came with cruise ships were impressed by Sinop. She accompanied the tradesmen talking in the courtyard of the Market that added a different atmosphere to the city. She felt that she was living in this city that smelled of life.


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