alaaddin complex
alaaddin complex
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Alaaddin Complex, built by Alâdeddin Keykubat after the Seljukian State conquered Sinop in 1214, was a unique structure that embellished the city located in the center of Sinop. She used one of the gorgeous three doors to enter the mosque courtyard. While examining the gigantic building, she likened it to the early Islamic Mosque scheme with its transversal plan and large courtyard feature. While walking inside the mosque, she observed that the mihrab was intricately decorated in Seljukian style and the three sides of which were enclosed with Ayet-el Kürsi. According to her research, she learned that the current mimbar which was built after the fall of the dome in 1853 was made of wooden while there were intricate vegetal embellishments in the original mimbar. As she walked out of one of the five doors that opened to the courtyard of the mosque, she headed towards the fountain, which was shot by the shadow of the trees, and found peace with the sound of water.


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