seyit bilal tomb
seyit bilal tomb
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The stories that went beyond the reality could only be true with the friends of Allah. He was still influenced by the story told him while he was leaving the tomb: Seyyid Bilal Hazretleri wanted to give support to the siege of Istanbul. He set sail into the Black Sea for Istanbul with the Turkish soldiers he recruited in Central Asia. They came into Sinop Port, the safe haven to wait for the stability of the sea due to weather conditions and to rest. The Byzantine Bey of that time became uncomfortable and attacked at night. While the tired troop was fighting against Byzantine troops, the circle was narrowed tightly because of the small number, and Seyyid Bilal Hazretleri was martyrized at that moment. According to rumor, he went to the place where the tomb was located today by taking his head off his body under his arm. Everyone was dumbfounded and realized their mistakes. The tomb built was reorganized in the Seljukians time after 1214. It was almost like watching Sinop with the mosque in it.


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