balatlar church
balatlar church
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When she arrived the excavation site which was known as the Balatlar Church among people and was located in the city center she observed that actually that section was not only composed of church but also the area that was thought to be used as a bazaar or cultural complex was also revealed except for the public bath in the excavations performed up to now. Also, Christian tombs and areas that were used as the Greek Monastery in the Ottoman period were there. While chatting with the excavation team, she felt that the research would contribute to illuminating the history of the city. It was not yet known how much area would this research, which was expected to last at least 15 years, dominate. She felt that Balatlar Church, which was the center of attention of the tourists coming by cruise tourism, would be a magical place when the excavations performed around it were completed, and it became an archaeological park.


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