sinop castle
sinop castle
Castles were one of the historical city symbols. If it dates back to the 7th century BC and surrounds the city with a length of 2,050 meters, a height of 25 meters and a width of 3 meters, then you can name this place as the Sinop Castle and Sea Walls depicted as being beautiful by Strabo as well. According to research, this place was restored several times during the Pontus, Roman, Byzantine, Seljukians, and Ottoman periods. Some of its points have been worn out due to the wars and the centuries passed. She had the feeling of being in a sheltered place as she saw the bulwarks that she occasionally met while visiting the city. While watching Sinop from the castle, she sipped her tea and waved her hands to sea-gulls after the bars on the top. According to resources, the castle had four gates and six gates considering Evliya Çelebi’s explanation. In his travel book, it was written that each of them was two winged iron gates. Kum Gate, Meydan Gate, Tersane Gate, Yeniçeri Gate, Dabağhane Gate and Lonca Gate.


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