historical prison
historical prison
Sinop is commemorated with Historical Prison, which was popular with the exiles, where it was impossible to escape and which has been depicted in films, in addition to the harmony of green and blue, its distinctive cultural identity and special geographical location. The Prison established on an area of 13 thousand square meters surrounding the inner citadel supported by 11 bearings at the sea border was the center of regrets, longings and hopes. The building, which was also used as a dungeon since 1560, was officially converted to a prison in 1887. While its north and south faces were covered by two buildings that are symmetry of each other, the prison gained integrity with the middle building that formed the lower part of the building. In general, the historical prison was quite an attractive building with its big wards consisting of 50 people, female ward and juvenile detention center. Each building was separated from each other by high walls and witnessed the story of many prisoners who paced up and down in the courtyard in the middle. Sabahattin Ali wrote the following verses in 1933 behind bars: “There are crazy waves outside, they come and lick the walls. These sounds entertain me, never mind, never mind...”


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