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While watching Ahmet Usta forging the hot steel on the anvil with the hammer, she thought that he was making the best of his job to the last drop of sweat. Because the knife to be formed by the shaping of the hot steel would never be the same as the others just as the partition performed by a drum artist from any mode would not be analog. She also listened to the history of cutlery from the Master making the knife. The introduction of the art of knifemaking, which was more prevalent before starting serial production, was available Sinop at the end of the 1800’s. When high-carbon stainless steels meet with the handles made of buckhorn, wild rose root and buffalo horn; they take the name of Sinop Knife. Collectors, those interested in handicraft and those seeking quality for everyday use are interested in the knives, each of which has separate spirit. While she was leaving the shop, the note on the wall attracted his attention: “When you buy the very sharp Sinop Knife, be careful that the knife is in its cover.”


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