boyabat circle
boyabat circle
traditional arts
He found himself in the weaving workshop in the district of Boyabat as he loves the things that were carried from past to present. He came across the make-up of the Boyabat Hand-painted Kerchief, the fabric of which is knitted one by one. Figen Abla was weaving the motifs on the loom. He asked its history with curious eyes. Long years ago, Boyabat women made headscarf with Boyabat Circle. It has now been used for decorative purposes. Figen Abla says “Completely handicraft.” "Motifs in the middle had many meanings. They described separation, longing, happiness and sadness. Wouldn’t they have names as well as meanings? Demirkırat, Süydürme, Kibrit Çöpü, Omuzlu, Heybeli, Nalçalı, Sinekli, Aynalı, Mühürlü... He had already dreamed the place of Boyabat Hand-painted Kerchief in his home. Wouldn’t it with heel iron and carpetbag motif fit on the study table?


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