sinop's patty
sinop's patty
Ümran Abla was explaining the secret of Sinop’s patty while preparing the table. The patty should be rolled out thinner than the other patty wafers and should be cut larger. After providing this important information, she added flour, eggs, salt and water to a deep pot to make the dough. She separated the dough he kneaded into fist-shaped pieces and made it wafer with the dough roller on the table. She kneaded the ground meat with parsley, onion, cummin and black pepper and put into the wafer that she cut grid by grid, respectively with the fragments up to fingertip. Ümran Abla also told another secret for Sinop patty to take its shape with the explanation that it is necessary to be folded in a triangular shape and join the wide sides. After preparing all the pieces, she added into the boiling water and served as with yoghurt and walnut when it was cooked. The last key point was to heat the butter pour it on the patty.


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ile özgü bazı lezzetler


boyabat ezmesi (dip sauce)


uyusturma dessert

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