boyabat ezmesi (dip sauce)
boyabat ezmesi (dip sauce)
Today, they were going to make Boyabat Dip Sauce, which is a kind of sweet, with the master. When the ingredients browned with special marmalade of flour, granulated sugar, water and lemon salt mixture become dough; they kept them waiting for a while. When the mixture became cold, the master kneaded it by adding double roasted nuts. When it was thickened, they extended it in the roller form and diced it. They did not neglect to taste the walnuts they would stick to both sides of the dessert. They made each piece they cut rounded . The master slightly pressed by closing one-half of a whole walnut to the top and closing the other half to the bottom. After seeing this delicious dessert, would it make sense to wait a little longer to eat?


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