uyusturma dessert
uyusturma dessert
He had a possible weakness on milk puddings. It was not necessary to be there to make a local dessert, but by chance, Sinop was on Boyabat route. Maybe it would be nice to be influenced by the water, maybe Uyuşturma Dessert would be nice. He chopped the figs and put on the pan. While adding milk, he pressed on it with a spoon. According to the recipe, the dessert should have a very little liquid consistency, and he achieved it. He added granulated sugar and stirred it. It was written on the note that you could also add walnuts upon your wish. He put uyuşturma dessert, which he divided into small ground bowls, into the oven he had previously heated at 180 degrees. The only thing that he had to pay attention to was to close the bowls after putting into the oven and to wait for cooking with the temperature inside. He took uyuşturma dessert out of the oven and left it to cool down, and he enjoyed its flavour.


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