sinop port
sinop port
Sinop Port, which embraced wide beaches of Sinop and is the only South facing one in the North, shapes the city’s aspect. The port, which stops the wild Black Sea and hosted many civilizations by its location, attracts tourists with its view and also send fishes to many cities of Turkey during fishing season in our day. He observed the people when he visited the port in the evening time. Some of them were listening to the radio while fishing, some of them were loading fish from the approaching ships, some of them were watching the sea with their darlings, and some of them boarded on recreational crafts and were waiting for departure. He was so surprised by the information he received in the meantime. In old times, there were only three safe havens for ships in the Black Sea. These were July, August and Sinop. Namely, the Black Sea was calm only in July and August, and in other months ships could only shelter in Sinop Port. Therefore, Sinop was always the favorite city in history given that Sinop was only internal and external natural harbor of the Black Sea.


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