basalt rocks nature park
basalt rocks nature park
When he arrived in Boyabat district, the writing of Basalt Rocks Nature Park on the board at the exit of the city released adrenaline to his soul. He missed being with forests because he had recently visited more historical sites. At the end of the 19-kilometer journey, the small basalt valley, which appeared to the right of the basalt rocks, seemed like a trailer. He would comprehend the entire film after the entrance to Basalt Rocks Natural Park. While passing through the pathways, the information boards on animals living in that area attracted his attention. When he reached the valley, 30-40 meter long rocks that were laid together with a long prismatic body when viewed at the opposite welcomed him as 4-5-6 angled. When he came out on the top of the waterfall next to the rocks, the block stones with polygonal view seemed like a drone comb above. While observing the Basalt Rocks formed on parallel three valleys together with the waterfall, he concluded that it was one of the rare works that nature presented us.


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