sinop archeology museum
sinop archeology museum
She associated the richness of the works of the museums in Sinop with the fact that it was home to many civilizations resulting from the city's strategic location and natural harbor. The works that illuminated the history inside the Archeology Museum were revealing the importance of the city. She learned that although the history of the Archaeological Museum located in the center of Sinop dated back to old times, the museum was renewed within the scope of contemporary museology understanding and had the present shape in 2006. When she entered the museum, a long corridor welcomed her. In line with the information provided by the official, she could visit the museum in five sections, including Small Finds Hall, Stone Works Hall, Amphora Hall, Coin Section and Ikona Hall. She examined the items covering the period from the Early Bronze Age until the end of the Byzantine Age, the oldest grave examples of Anatolia, the samples of amphora bricks and tile dating from the Hellenistic-Roman and Byzantine age, the silver coins, and the icons made on wooden board and known as religious paintings in the Eastern churches in Christianity. After this experience, she would not have gone without seeing the Monument of Sinop Sailor Martyrs in the garden. Under the shadow of the pine trees, she saluted the monument and commemorated gratefully. Archeology Museum trip took her to different periods of Sinop history.


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