dr. rıza nur provincial public library
dr. rıza nur provincial public library
He walked on the beach in the great harmony of the sun and the waves. The location of Dr. Rıza Nur Provincial Public Library at the point where information came together with the sea would be a historic trip for him that he had not tasted before. He learned that the building was built in 1902 and that Dr. Rıza Nur took this building from two Greek brothers during the population exchange and opened it as a library in 1924. Also, Dr. Rıza Nur made significant notes to the history with his works of medicine, literature and Turkish history that he wrote in Russia and Switzerland where he went as a peace delegate, and in Egypt and France where he spent part of his life. He added to his memoir that he collected the books written about Turkism and Turkey in the countries he visited and made it possible for them to take his place on the library shelves. When he entered the room where there was the private collection of Dr. Rıza Nur on the second floor of the building, he mercifully and gratefully commemorated dear Nur. There was book accumulation to reach every piece he wanted here. He had the pleasure of reading a book by the window with the awe of sound waves of the sea beating the walls of the library.


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