sinop etnography museum
sinop etnography museum
The magnificent paintings he would encounter when he came to the ethnography museum already excited him. The mansion with the 18th century’s view dragged him into the back room of history with the structure of rubble stone and machete. When he entered the mansion, he began to chat with the friendly officials. While wandering inside the three-storey mansion, the size of the aft entry door attracted his attention. When he learned that the owner of the mansion entered the mansion through the ground with the horse and fed his horse, he understood the reason why this gate was so big. While continuing to travel, the details of the wall painted with madder carried examples from Seljuk and Ottoman cultures. The museum made a strong impression on with the bride’s room of the time, the art of weaving, the war materials, the personal belongings of the mansion's owner, and many cultural aesthetics. He admired the soul of his ancestors who attached aesthetic figures even to the door handles.


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