sorkun waterfalls
sorkun waterfalls
The time was almost stopped when she took a step into this beauty which hidden in the slope of the Asar hill, which is 30 km away from Gerze district and within the boundaries of Sorkun village. Along with this riot of colors and the songs rising from nature's orchestra, she set out on a journey to the beauty of another world by getting out of this life. Sorkun Waterfalls seemed like a treasure waiting to be discovered. She learned that more than half of 400 butterfly species in Turkey were living there and it was home to hundreds of plant species such as orchid, daisy, campanula and painted sage. Here, she felt that she inhaled not only the oxygen but also the life itself. While passing the waterfalls one by one, multicolored butterflies accompanied her on this journey. When she reached the greatest waterfall at the end of the road, she let herself to nature and enjoyed this beauty.


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