She had never seen carps in water so clearly. As if they were trying to tell her something. Akgöl was 35 kilometers away from Ayancık district. She came here every year to camp with her friends. She was observing the people who came to picnic while watching the lake during the day, she lighted a fire next to the lake and sang songs with her friends. Unlike last year, she became interested in the photograph. Later in the night, he took out the machine and took the photos of the stars. She liked to be alone with nature. Because of the altitude of 1,200 meters, it was particularly cool in the evenings. Akgöl and her jacket were always with her. It was not known whether it was due to its air or water, she woke up very vigorous in the morning. She brewed the tea and took a walk around the lake. When she returned, her friends had already prepared the breakfast. Has someone asked the description of peace?


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