Caravansaries attracted his interest since she became a traveler. When she went to a city, she would not care the length of the road if there was a caravansary inside the historical buildings. After visiting the Basalt Rocks Nature Park in Boyabat, Sinop, she drove to Durağan district which was 26 km away. When she came to the center, Durakhan neighboring İsmail Bey Mosque which was formerly serving as a caravansary welcomed her in all its magnificence. The mosque was closed to visit because of the renovation works. However, she entered the mosque, closed her eyes and imagined that she was there years ago. It was written in the epitaph of the inn that it was built the Seljuk vizier Müinüddin Pervane in 1246. She observed that the 771-year inn, which was built of cut and rubble stone, had 13 rooms, a large courtyard, a mosque, and a bath. She could come across with new surprises at any moment on these territories.


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