Since his childhood, he has always wondered how does it feel to fly freely like birds in the sky and to float by leaving himself to the wind. Fortunately, today, he passed by Gerze and learned Yelkentepe. He could experience this feeling that he had always wondered. He learned from paragliding instructors that Yelkentepe has 12-kilometer flight band and 400 meters of altitude. Yelken Tepe was a place where you can fly for hours, and you can go back to the place of departure, thanks to its slope and location. With this feature, Yelken Tepe was the only hill in Turkey which was unprecedented where the wind was the closest friend of people. Now, he was free like a bird when he walked on air. Gerze and deep sea were under his feet. While experiencing the happiness of having realized his childhood dream, he included in his memories an experience that would not be forgotten throughout his life.


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